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  • 07:50 Popular French


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  • 06:34 Popular French numbers 1-100

    French numbers 1-100

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  • 01:28 Popular Bonjour, Bonjour! - alain le lait (French greetings)

    Bonjour, Bonjour! - alain le lait (French greetings)

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    Bonjour©2011, alain le lait (music, lyrics & animation)A new version (2011) of the Bonjour from the \'Soyons Amis\' CD.The English version of this song is at, bonjourComment ça va?Bonjour, bonjourTrés bien

  • 2:03:09 HAPPY French Morning

    HAPPY French Morning

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    HAPPY French Morning - French Cafe Accordion Music -Music to Wake UP► NEW VIDEOS Our French Traditional Music can be used for relaxing, wake up, cooking breakfast, background and café music. This relaxing music best suited for dreami