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Recycling Facts for Kids - Why is Recycling Important?

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The importance of recycling is something that we should be teaching the younger generation at a very early age. How to recycle for kids, what is recycling and recycling projects for kids are all areas we should be getting involved in (

It\'s \'Our World\' we all need to take care of it by educating children with recycling facts and the benefits of recycling, we are allowing them to see why recycling is just so important (

This video explores the \"reduce, reuse, recycle\" symbol, gives interesting facts about recycling and explains the significance of the recycle logo. It helps to teach children to reuse and to understand the benefits of recycling.

Recycling saves the planet in so many different ways, it saves the environment and at the same time it offers people jobs which they could fulfill, which means that it also helps with solving the problem of unemployment.

Did you know that throwing away any box or bottle could do much damage to the planet? This is not just because you are throwing away one box or bottle - which is still something that could make a difference - but because you are not the only one living on this planet and there are billions of people who would also think in the same way.

In the UK alone, there are 12.5 million tonnes of paper used and in order to obtain one tonne of newspaper, one will need to use 24 trees, which means that if people did not reduce what they are using and recycling it, they might at some point realize that all the trees they have been growing on the planet are not longer there.

It is interesting to let kids know that recycling is not of an easy process that the things people use undergo, but there are some cases like paper for example which are considered easier than the others. Some plastic bottles for example could take up to 500 years to decompose, which means to break down, and this means that some plastic parts could stay around for 500 years, which will make pollution or even worse, they might kill the sea creatures if they are thrown in the ocean around the world, it could kill around 1 million creature - that is really a number that people should think about and start reconsidering once again.

When it comes to recycling, there are lots of things for kids to know that might astonish them and these are usually related to the calculations that scientists and professional people do considering the things that people use every single day. One of these interesting facts that could give people the push to start reducing, reusing and recycling is about the number of plastic cups that they use on a daily basis and which could line the Earth planet if they are placed beside one another every single day.

Recycling is very important, actually recycling one tonne of paper could save about 17 trees, 6,000 gallons of water and it produces less air pollution, all that of course comes in addition to the job vacancies that appear to the world and saves lots of those who are failing to find an appropriate job.

The problem with not recycling is the consequences that would be carried on the planet. The paper that is not recycled could actually cause air pollution because it is buried in a landfill and the landfill rubbish rots and as it rots it can produce a dangerous greenhouse gas called methane, which could increase global warming (

Recycling is very important and kids should understand from an early age that recycling could help them save the environment since recycling one glass bottle could actually save 50% less water and 20% less air pollution, which would be good steps taken along with other things that could be recycled and lots of other steps taken in saving the environment in general.

It is not just about plastic and paper that could be recycled, but there are other materials that could go into the list as well, such as glass, metal, fabrics and electronics, so always consider recycling and how things could be recycled before moving forward with throwing away your things and know more whether they could be recycled or not.

The interesting things which kids might not even believe is that the food and garden waste could be also recycled, which is the reason why people are always asked to separate their waste when they are throwing it away to separate everything and make it easier for the people who collect it to put every single type with the rest and place it directly to be recycled.

Recycling is so important and it could save the environment and at the same time help people and reduce unemployment, so people should always consider reducing, reusing and recycling the things they use no matter what the material they are using is.

Let your kids know more about recycling and what it is and give them what they need to know the importance of it.

Send us your feedback about the video and tell us what did your kids think as well.

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