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Stig Of The Dump - 01 The Ground Gives Way - GRANT ASHLEY WARNOCK, KEITH JAYNE


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For Kids Of All Ages
Barney and big sister Lou have gone to stay with their grandmother during the summer holidays; gran lives in a quaint cottage in the countryside. Not heeding gran\'s advice, Barney goes exploring at the old dump situated in a chalk-pit and accidentally slips over the pit edge. When he comes to rest on the ground, all tangled up in creepers, he discovers something strange and wonderful - a real stone-age man alive and well in the 20th Century. Barney thinks his name is \"Stig\", so Stig he is.
The charming children\'s book, \"Stig Of The Dump\", was written by Clive King and first published in 1963. Set in the chalk downs of Kent in South-East England (the book mentions Sevenoaks as the nearest town), it is the story of a curious eight-year-old boy staying with his grandmother who discovers a real stone-age caveman living in a nearby chalk-pit-cum-rubbish-dump. It was made into a ten-part television series in 1981 for ITV, each episode using a chapter title but adding an extra one to the book\'s nine chapters; the TV series also juggled the running order slightly, but it remained more-or-less true to the original story. The same can\'t be said for the BBC\'s version in 2002 starring Thomas Sangster, which sadly chose to darken the light-hearted nature of the book and first TV adaptation.
A video tape of the ITV series was commercially released, all ten parts joined to form a continuous \"movie\" version, although the sections are obvious. For these YouTube uploads, I have restored \"Stig Of The Dump\" to the TV version\'s episodes, and boosted the colour and sound on the poor quality commercial tape; noticeably uneven playing times for the episodes indicates that edits were made on the source tape. Barney is played with lively wonderment and conviction by Grant (Ashley) Warnock, and Keith Jayne grunts suitably as Stig; Barney\'s sister Lou is Janine Tidman, and gran is Bay White.
Stig Of The Dump - Children\'s Book
Clive King - Author
Stig Of The Dump - 1981 TV Series
Grant Ashley Warnock - Barney
Grant Warnock - Barney
Keith Jayne - Stig
For Kids Of All Ages

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