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Boogie Beebies - Penguin Bop


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Boogie Beebies is a programme that teaches children a dance (to a short original song). It was originally presented by Nataylia \"Nat\" Roni and Pete Hillier (from December 2006 by Pete Hillier alone) and also features clips of children (at home, in schools or in front of bluescreen).

The dance is taught segment by segment by the instructor(s), in earlier programmes the two instructors took turns with each segment. The moves to each day\'s dance as well as the theme of the song are drawn from nature or the world around us (i.e., \"The Ocean Motion\" features dance moves inspired by various sea creatures). The programme culminates with a complete performance of the song and dance, called \"Big Video Time\".

The name of the programme comes from the informal verb to boogie (dance) and the Beebies part of CBeebies.

The program was advertised using a child dancing \"travolta style\" to A Fifth of Beethoven by Walter Murphy.

The warm-down at the end of the programme is done to the lyrics, \"Stretch yourself wide, out to the side, you\'ve danced with Boogie Beebies, Blow up a ball, make yourself small, we\'ve danced with Boogie Beebies.\"

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